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fineartbydavidhoque I only use Fabriano Watercolor Paper. I enjoy all their 300pd cold and hot press paper including this extra white surface. I usually use their soft press paper though. It’s a beautiful deckled soft surface that allows nice hard edges as well as very nice even and consistent washes as well. It’s archival and 100 percent cotton and no animal byproducts are used in their sizing. I believe they produce the only Soft Press surface in the market. Now this paper also holds up very well to scrubbing, and erasure and lifting as well. All of my watercolor pieces are done on Fabriano watercolor paper and I highly recommend it for use by other artists at all levels in their artist journey. You can find this paper at Jerrys Artarama! #jerrysartarama

These Creative Mark Rhapsody Kolinsky watercolor brushes are sold by Jerry’s Artarama. Now up front they aren’t the most expensive Kolinsky you can buy but you don’t need the most expensive brushes to do fine watercolor work. One of the finest and respected watercolor masters I have trained under taught me this and she doesn’t even use Kolinsky at all. These have great absorption and water retention and hold their shape fairly well during application and clean up and hold their shape. All brushes (even the finest) need to be cleaned well after use and will eventually loose a bit of their shape. I use a shaping medium to keep my brushes trained and ready after use. I have used these brushes to do almost all my watercolor work and highly recommend them for artists at all levels in their journey. These fine brushes can be found at Jerry's Aratrama. #jerrysartarama

fineartbydavidhoque For my watercolor pieces I primarily use "Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Paint" They offer 260 artist grade colors and I particularly enjoy how the paint's application is so well absorbed and presented to the viewer once the piece is completed. All of this paint is extensively researched and the and most of the pigments are lightfast. Daniel Smith also offers 14 Quins and they have also developed safe Cads as well. You can find this paint at Jerrys Artarama. #jerrysartarama

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